At Trekenner School, we believe that computing and information technology are a crucial aspect of learning, especially in an ever-growing digital world, both academically and beyond.

Our computing curriculum is focused on teaching children the fundamental aspects of computing including developing digital literacy, developing an understanding of computational thinking and programming, and developing an understanding of how to select and use a range of hardware and software for a range of purposes. We focus on the creative, systematic, and informative features of today’s digital society and on supporting pupils to be good digital citizens with an awareness of how to keep themselves and others safe in the online world.

These key skills and attributes of digital learning enable our students to make progression throughout their education building on prior learning as well as challenging themselves to identify, explain, adapt, design, create and evaluate computer-based programs. By using a wide variety of media, children will acquire the necessary skills for them to strive and achieve in their learning as well as sustain their enthusiasm for such programs and devices, all of which have applications in the wider world beyond education. 

We are very lucky to have access to a range of software and hardware in school including Chromebooks, iPad, Chrome Tablets and Bee Bots and we also use our connections with the STEM network to allow pupils to access wider enrichment opportunities. Additionally, we provide children with a range of online learning resources such as Maths Frame, Spelling Shed, SATs Companion and Mirodo to ensure they have a range of ways of developing learning in other areas.