The Wider curriculum

At Trekenner, we believe in supporting children to become life long learners who have the skills and dispositions to citizens of the local and global community. As such our curriculum goes well beyond normal curriculum subjects. 
We are a global learning school and support children to develop an understanding of global citizenship. This is achieved by embedding global learning into our overall curriculum, through our assemblies, through our daily news roundup and by our global learning week which occurs once every year. 
Additionally, we run a range of community engagement activities including St Piran's day, participating in the horticultural show and engaging with our local churches as well as a community engagement project for each class which is planned by our community committee each year. 
We also offer children in KS2 a residential each year. Our residential programme follows a two-year cycle. Year A is a sporting and adventurous residential, whilst year B is a cultural residential. This ensures that pupils gain a range of experiences across their four years in Key Stage 2. 
Furthermore, we have a focus on learning to learn through our Building Learning Power and Growth Mindset approaches. We believe that it is vital for pupils that leave our school not only to know lots of facts and information but also to be good learners who are reliant, collaborative and resourceful. We have a range of collapsed curriculum days across the year to reinforce this. 
In addition to the above we offer a range of clubs, extra curricular activities, and theme days/ weeks to ensure our pupils receive a comprehensive and exacting learning experience.
Details of some of our more recent events are available on our Facebook page  (1) Trekenner CP School | Facebook